Spring Snarky Crate

Spring Snarky Crate
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The Drinking Animals Coloring Book is perfect for cocktail connoisseurs, animals lovers, and people who like to laugh! This book has page after page of stylishly dressed animals drinking cocktails (and occasionally beer and wine) for you to color and enjoy. The best part is, this coloring book contains a ton of cocktail recipes to help you enjoy your coloring time even more! (52 pages).  Animals inside include:

Squirrel with Apple Julep

Crow with Bloody Mary

Sloth with Banana Daiquiri

Rooster with Egg Nog

Cat with White Russian

Bear with Hot Tottie

Llama with Pisco Sour


 Fuck All the Way Off:  Triggered Animals:  These animals are scornful, spiteful and have zero f*cks left to give. Vintage illustrations are paired with succinct expressions and the result is pure gold. This book contains 40 images of triggered animals for hours of enjoyment. Vintage images are meant for light embellishment versus hard-core coloring (i.e., you don’t have to be a coloring enthusiast to enjoy this book). Add a touch of colored pencil or a wash of watercolor to make the animals pop and fill in the words to coordinate. 

Everyone is the Worst: A Snarky Mandala Coloring Book: More Mandalas?!? Ugh!: Midnight Edition  - A 72 page book from Snark Experts, Papeterie Bleu.  Papeterie Bleu is an indie publisher focused on creating premium coloring books for adults that are unique, entertaining, and a little bit sassy

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