Cute and New for Spring!

Cute and New for Spring!
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Three cheerful, adorable and Spring-themed books that are new from some of your favorite artists!

Springlings: A Magical Coloring Book The latest release from the popular purveyor of cute, Edwina McNamee!  A whimsical world or magical designs.  25 images, single-sided.  Each image is repeated once (once on white background and again on black background. 

Beautiful Birds by Jade Summer.  A new Spring release from the Jade Summer collection!  Our Beautiful Birds coloring book features 50 incredible coloring pages of real birds. Each coloring page was created by combining stunning photography with elegant line-art. Relax and immerse yourself in the magnificent beauty of nature. You are free to color each image with a “real life” color scheme or let your imagination run wild by creating your own fantasy birds!   You get to color many popular birds, including peacocks, hummingbirds, parrots, flamingos, robins, eagles, and owls. Imagine coloring a stunning peacock proudly displaying its beautiful feathers, an adorable hummingbird sipping nectar from a flower, and even a pair of parrots enjoying another fun day together in the jungle! We have also included some exotic birds you may have never seen before, but are truly spectacular!

Nice Little Town 7 - The mice are back!  Tatiana Bogema has just released the seventh book in her sweet series of cozy mouse adventures! More mouse stories, more fancy houses!   It features 25 new unique images on single-sided, black-backed coloring pages.  

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