Color By Number for Summer 2019

Color By Number for Summer 2019
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Japanese Life by Nathaniel Wake - 35 Japanese Life Coloring Illustrations - Beautiful Geishas, Japanese Koi, Lanterns, Kabuki masks, Dragons, Fans, Swords, Gardens, Samurai and Much More! Step back in time and behind the curtain of Imperial Japan to discover a world of culture, color, and history galore! Immerse yourself in the world of delicate geishas and noble samurai as you take a scenic trip through this fascinating world of unique design. From tranquil, soothing koi ponds to elaborate colorful kimonos, you have the chance to design and explore this fascinating culture and its beloved island home.! Each image is printed on black-backed pages to prevent bleed-through. 

Dreams Come True from Jade Summer - A new and delightful kawaii adventure awaits you with this confidence boosting coloring book from bestselling publishing brand, Jade Summer. Each coloring page features easy-to-color designs to help you relax and positive quotes to improve self-esteem. Enjoy coloring fun designs with motivational sayings including “success will happen”, “friends give me strength”, “do the impossible”, and “a positive attitude is everything”. 50 images over 103 pages. Every image is placed on its own black-backed page to reduce the bleed-through problem found in other coloring books. 

Butterflies and Flowers from Zenmaster Coloring. 

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