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Ready to discover some fun & interesting coloring books? 

Step 1

Tell us what you like!   Which coloring books do you prefer? Traditional or silly? Nature, animals, humor or mandalas? Pop culture pics or calming religious imagery?  We won't send you books that you don't want. If you ever get a book you don't like, we will replace it!  

Step 2

Join the club!     Order just one box or sign up for a year-long subscription of four seasonal, quarterly boxes. Subscribe for yourself, or gift a surprise subscription to your favorite coloring addict! Annual subscribers get a discount, some lovely free coloring tools - and many extra surprises!

Step 3

Start coloring!  Put your feet up, take a deep breath and relax!! It's coloring time!!!  And once you've created something truly special, post it on Instagram at #ColoringCrate

We want to see your masterpiece!

Come join our coloring community on Facebook!  We talk about new and interesting books, artists, tools and how to be a coloring master!  Most importantly, we can all share our beautifully completed pages!  

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We will send you our special coloring packages four times each year - In September, December, March and June. In addition, throughout the year, we will send you additional gifts and surprises - including pens, pencils, coloring cards and other fun, unusual coloring projects!

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  • "Just received my first box this month and I’m so happy with it! The books are amazing and I love my pencils I received along with my little pencil bag gift. I can’t wait until it’s time for the next box! Thank you so much for this service. It’s awesome!" - Angie Williams

  • "I have all ready referred people to this box. It is a good value for what you receive." - Crystal Mayfield

  • "I can choose my coloring books and pencils... the ones I like." - Terilynn Wharton

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